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About the job

Systems Development Engineering (SDE) at Google is a role where you manage services and systems at scale. SDEs creatively put their engineering discipline to use automating the mundane and reducing toil. We don’t just write code to fix bugs, but emphasize the development of tools and solutions that fix classes of problems. We know it’s hard to control what you can’t measure – so we focus on observability: instrumenting first, then turning data into knowledge, and finally knowledge into action. We know that the operational efficiency of Google systems, services, virtual compute environments and the operating systems that power them impact the environment, not just the bottom line. We know that working together we can do more, and that community matters. Google brings together people with a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. We encourage them to collaborate, think big and take risks in a blame-free environment. We promote self-direction to work on meaningful projects, while we also strive to create an environment that provides the support and mentorship needed to learn and grow.


  1. Build and support manufacturing IT infrastructure ensuring 24/7 uptime of services at manufacturing sites across the globe.
  2. Work cross-functionally and globally with stakeholder teams across our partner network, Devices and Services, and Google.
  3. Design, test, implement and maintain changes/additions to Google Cloud infrastructure across Devices and Services.
  4. Able to execute and run autonomously but knows when to escalate to ask for assistance.

Skills Required

  • Experience with networking technologies and concepts, such as Cisco and Aryaka.
  • Experience with system administration/architecture with Hardware Security Modules (HSM) and public key infrastructure (PKI) for certificate management.
  • Experience with monitoring solutions (e.g., CheckMK, Grafana, Nagios, Zabbix, Prometheus and Configuration Management).
  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform, Linux, Ubuntu, or similar.

Minimum qualifications

  • Any graduate can apply
  • Year of Passing: 2016 to 2023
  • Experience with Virtualization services (e.g., VMware) and Human Computer Interface (e.g., VxRail or vSAN).
  • Experience with scripting/coding (e.g., PowerShell, Bash, Python).
  • Experience with Windows and Linux system administration.
Location: Hyderabad
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