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Tagging Analyst

Location :- Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Category :-  Engineering
Job Type :- Contractor is the mobile standard and the trusted source for the digital economy. Our vision is to be the first Unified Data AI company that combines consumer and market data to provide insights powered by artificial intelligence. We passionately serve enterprise clients to create winning digital experiences for their customers.
We care deeply about our high-performance culture and operate as a global team. We have set excellence as our standard, hold each other accountable, continuously push innovation and win with style.
What can you tell your friends when they ask you what you do?
As a Tagging Analyst, I am integral to the building of underlying databases that power App Annie’s IQ products. I identify key features and attributes of apps, which in turn will provide our customers with the ability to analyze mobile app experiences at scale.
You will be responsible for and take pride in….
  • Diving into and analyzing mobile apps and in-app advertisements to identify key features and elements that make them tick
  • Learning and applying our industry-leading taxonomies and tagging systems inside and out
  • Capturing in-app experiences through recordings and screenshots
  • Using internally-developed tools for accurate and consistent data collection and submission
  • Troubleshooting problems as they arise and escalating issues through the proper channels
  • Peer reviewing work and confidently helping to hold the entire team to the highest standard of quality and accuracy
You should recognize yourself in the following…
  • Your curious and analytical mind will help take App Annie to the next level and offer our customers market-leading granular data on mobile experiences
  • Ability to work independently, efficiently, and accurately
  • Familiarity with a wide variety of mobile apps as well as the Apple App Store
  • Love of playing online/mobile games
  • Strong data and analytical skills, you enjoy ordering & categorizing
  • Energy and grit are key characteristics that describe you and the projects you lead. You make it happen
  • Plus: Multilingual (Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish)
  • Plus: Experience with mobile advertising
You should also know…
  • This role may involve assessing and tagging various apps aimed at adults, including dating apps, and therefore may require you to create dummy accounts, declaring various preferences, genders, and/or affiliations that may not be your own
  • The nature of this role means that you may see content that some may find offensive. Please note that we have no control over messages sent from users of any given app
This position is located in Hyderabad, India are in the process of establishing an entity in India, in the interim the employees will be on the rolls of our Global Employer of Record.

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